E3C LVA et LVB Anglais (N°03812) - Première T3 2021-2020

Epreuve E3C : Langues vivantes A et B - Anglais
Voie : Bac général et techno
Niveau d'études : Classe de première
Session : Première 3ème trimestre E3C2
Années : 2021-2020
Durée de l'épreuve : 1 heure 30
Calculatrice : Interdite
Numéro du sujet : 03812

Axe du programme :
- Fictions et réalités

Extrait de l'annale :
Text 1 :
Painter David Hockney and art critic Martin Gayford discuss the history and nature of images. There's a famous photograph of bombed-out London the morning after an air raid.
A History of Pictures. From the Cave to the computer Screen, 2016.

Text 2 :
What role is photography to play in this "post-truth" era, when even documentary evidence is denied or disputed by those in power.
Santiago Lyon, Time, 26 January 2017.

Compréhension de l'écrit :
Give an account of the two texts in English, taking into consideration their nature, the context in which they were written and the messages they communicate about the power of photography. Focus especially on the authors’ opinions of "fake" photographs or news.

Expression écrite :
A) What makes people send or transfer all sorts of pictures and videos? Do you do that? Why or why not?
B) What are the reasons why a journalist or photojournalist may decide to modify reality? Give some examples to illustrate your point.

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Code repère : C1CANGL03812

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