E3C LVA et LVB Anglais (N°03968) - Première T3 2021-2020

Epreuve E3C : Langues vivantes A et B - Anglais
Voie : Bac général et techno
Niveau d'études : Classe de première
Session : Première 3ème trimestre E3C2
Années : 2021-2020
Durée de l'épreuve : 1 heure 30
Calculatrice : Interdite
Numéro du sujet : 03968

Axe du programme :
- Diversité et inclusion

Extrait de l'annale :
Text 1 :
Notice pinned to the Chilbury village hall noticeboard, Sunday March 24th, 1940. As all our male voices have gone to war, the village choir is to close following Cmdr Edmund Winthrop's funeral next Tuesday. The Vicar.

Text 2 :
Primrose Trent is speaking. I explained that now that there's a war going on, we're far more in need of a choir than ever before.
Jennifer Ryan, The Chilbury Ladies' Choir, 2017.

Compréhension de l'écrit :
Give an account of the two excerpts in English, taking into consideration the main topic of the conversation, the characters' opinions and their arguments, and the changes caused by the war.

Expression écrite :
A) You are Primrose Trent and you write a letter to one of your friends in which you describe your daily life in the village and imagine what men are experiencing at war.
B) World War II and its consequences have changed the status of women in society. What could be done to achieve full equality?

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Code repère : C1CANGL03968

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