E3C LVA et LVB Anglais (N°03971) - Première T3 2021-2020

Epreuve E3C : Langues vivantes A et B - Anglais
Voie : Bac général et techno
Niveau d'études : Classe de première
Session : Première 3ème trimestre E3C2
Années : 2021-2020
Durée de l'épreuve : 1 heure 30
Calculatrice : Interdite
Numéro du sujet : 03971

Axe du programme :
- Territoire et mémoire

Extrait de l'annale :
Text :
The scene is set in Australia at the start of the First World War. The war did come, in mid-August, but quietly, the echo of a shot that had been fired months back and had taken all this time to come round the world and reach them.
David Malouf, Fly Away, Peter, 1982.

Compréhension de l'écrit :
Give an account of the text in English and in your own words. What does the sentence "It hadn't even occurred to him" reveal about Jim and how does it relate to his thoughts and impressions in the rest of the passage?

Expression écrite :
A) Jim, the main character in the text, has a conversation with his parents in which he explains his decision to go to war or not. Write the dialogue.
B) On a blog, you read three different quotes from people who react about war. Which one do you agree most? Why?

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